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19730000 BMW 2002 (Blue/Black)

Last update on Oct. 6, 2015.

19730000 BMW 2002 (Blue/Black)

Price: US $10,500.00 SOLD OUT

A Email from BMW N.A when I Originally Got the car and started Restoration. " Please see below for the information I received for VIN 2763340. Exterior-----  Vehicle was Stripped down to bare Metal Restoration.  All the body work is done on the vehicle With New Rocker Panels installed, New lower Quarter Panels and ...

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19730000 Ford F-100 (Blue/Blue and white)

Last update on Sept. 1, 2015.

19730000 Ford F-100 (Blue/Blue and white)

Price: US $7,850.00 SOLD OUT

The body is sound and has no rust or dents.  It has minor scratches on the passenger side and three small areas (apprx 1"-2") where the paint bubbled; they are no easily seen.  It was taken from the original factory blue to the current blue in the late 1980's.  Any rusty (minor) panels ...

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