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1950 Plymouth SPECIAL DELUXE (Black/Tan)

Last update on June 19, 2016.

1950 Plymouth SPECIAL DELUXE (Black/Tan)

Price: US $10,000.00 SOLD OUT

1950 PLYMOUTH SPECIAL DELUXE. Car has the Factory 6-Cylinder Flat Head Engine.  Engine cranks and runs very well.  Engine has automatic choke {first year of these}. Engine runs smooth and has good power. Car does Not Use/Leak/Burn/ any oil. Engine Holds 40+ LBS. of oil pressure.  Transmission is a 3-Speed Manual, It ...

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1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe (Red/Red with Beige)

Last update on Oct. 5, 2015.

1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe (Red/Red with Beige)

Price: US $21,500.00 SOLD OUT

1950 Plymouth P20 Special Deluxe Convertible Previously Restored California Car This is a very nice Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible that has been part of a large Southern California Auto Collection for the last 22 years. The car looks just as pictured in the listing and the photos were just taken earlier this week. The car ...

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