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1942 Ford Deluxe (Orange/Brown)

Last update on Dec. 2, 2019.

1942 Ford Deluxe (Orange/Brown)

Price: US $23,900.00 SOLD OUT

                                                                                                WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE!!Thanks for looking!! This is an extremely rare ...

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1942 Willys Toronado (blue/Blue)

Last update on May 11, 2016.

1942 Willys Toronado (blue/Blue)

Price: US $32,000.00 SOLD OUT

1943 Willys ( This is the one with the Ax and Shovel) This jeep is equipped with an L134 engine and a T90 transmission.  The Jeep has never been fully restored but is a good running, driving Jeep.  The engine, tranny and 4x4 work as they should.  The body has dings, scratches, metal patches in the floor and ...

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