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1971 Buick Riviera (Green Gold Metallic/Avocado & Gold)

Last update on Feb. 9, 2020.

1971 Buick Riviera (Green Gold Metallic/Avocado & Gold)

Price: US $27,500.00 SOLD OUT

The 1971 Riviera features a curved rear window that wraps around the tapered body. Dramatic flat haunches extend out from the pyramid-shaped hull to cut a tapered and powerful line. Louvers on either side of the hull add an aesthetic edge that disappeared after the 1971 model year.To compliment the angles and curves of Bill ...

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1970 GMC C-10

Last update on Feb. 9, 2020.

1970 GMC C-10

Price: US $8,000.00 SOLD OUT

I have an original 1970 GMC pickup.  These trucks are getting hard to find.  It is not possible to confirm if is a numbersmatching pickup using the VIN and block number. However, I am the third owner of this pickup and the previous ownerswere in the local Henryetta area.  Theprevious owner confirmed ...

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