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1961 Ford Falcon (Aquamarine/Aqua)

Last update on Aug. 22, 2018.

1961 Ford Falcon (Aquamarine/Aqua)

Price: US $12,000.00 SOLD OUT

It has 97,000 miles but has been so well maintained and cared for, it looks like it might only have a fraction of that. Just look at the pictures. I'm amazed a car this old can be in this incredible condition. It has the standard 144 cu in 6 cylinder that starts right ...

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1968 Ford Mustang (Black/Black)

Last update on Aug. 22, 2017.

1968 Ford Mustang (Black/Black)

Price: US $20,000.00 SOLD OUT

Have some family medical bills that will need to be paid by next year so sadly I need to sell my car....  I have a folder with all matinees done to the car from the first owner till Today! With original purchase recipe of the car from the dealer. Ive put in at least ...

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