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1975 Chevrolet Camaro (Yellow with Black Stripes/Camel Tan)

Last update on Aug. 26, 2016.

1975 Chevrolet Camaro (Yellow with Black Stripes/Camel Tan)

Price: US $5,500.00 SOLD OUT

     A lot of time was spent to create this Bumblebee clone. The body was sanded and shot with PPG 2K Primer, then 3 coats of 1975 bright yellow, followed by 2 light coats of 2010 Transformer Addition Rally Yellow. Fader was added to the color to give it an older look and then ...

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1966 Shelby Cobra (Viper Blue/black)

Last update on Aug. 26, 2016.

1966 Shelby Cobra (Viper Blue/black)

Price: US $28,000.00 SOLD OUT

I won this car in December, 2010 in the International Motor Racing Research Center (Watkins Glen) annual car raffle.  The following is taken from their August, 2010 newsletter: "This year's car is powered by an original Ford 427FE engine with two four-barrel carter carburetors, has a Ford T&C 10 bolt 4-speed transmission and ...

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1971 Buick Skylark (Red/Black)

Last update on Aug. 26, 2016.

1971 Buick Skylark (Red/Black)

Price: US $10,000.00 SOLD OUT

Mostly original rare post coupe Buick Skylark has a view upgraded and modern parts a lot of money has been invested recently in parts. I bought the car with intentions to keep it but unfortunately plans have changed and I have no were to keep the car.  Engine and Exhaust  Buick 355 17000 miles  ...

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1964 Ford Thunderbird (Black/White)

Last update on Aug. 26, 2015.

1964 Ford Thunderbird (Black/White)

Price: US $17,500.00 SOLD OUT This is from the appraisal that was done on 8/3/2015 by the Auto Appraisal Group: 68,000 miles estimated.  Prior owner stated that the odometer was replaced at 55,000 miles.  It now reads 13,000.   This is a beautiful car in overall very good condition ...

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