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1970 Ford Mustang (Silver/Maroon/Black)

Last update on July 18, 2017.

1970 Ford Mustang (Silver/Maroon/Black)

Price: US $62,000.00 SOLD OUT

Professionally built Ford Aluminum head 351with all the best parts. Extremely reliable at 500HP Upgraded HD Tremac 5 speed close ration manual transmission with Hurst shifter. Expensive indépendant rear differential with pose traction. Upgraded 4 wheel fully independent and adjustable suspension. Mirror finish Dark Cherry and Sebring Silver metallic show paint. Correct Shelby GT350 body ...

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1971 Ford Mustang (Yellow/--)

Last update on May 23, 2017.

1971 Ford Mustang (Yellow/--)

Price: US $11,991.00 SOLD OUT

@@@2721189@@@ ☎ Call or text "41273" to 864-332-4864 for more information 1971 Ford Mustang 126858 Miles Yellow BACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXTBACKNEXT Image 1/27 Image 2/27 Image 3/27 Image 4/27 Image 5/27 Image 6/27 Image 7/27 Image 8/27 Image 9/27 Image 10/27 Image 11/27 Image 12/27 Image ...

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1967 Ford Mustang

Last update on May 18, 2017.

1967 Ford Mustang

Price: US $28,000.00 SOLD OUT

1967 Mustang Fastback S-Code 390 Specifics: VIN: 7T02S157832 (Scroll all the way down for photo of trim/buck tag)Real Deal S-Code 390-4V Fastback (now has a 351)Originally a Four Speed Manual Transmission from the factory (now has an automatic)Came Lime gold from the factory(now painted/cloned to look like the mustang ...

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1965 Ford Mustang (champagne & burgundy pearl/Black)

Last update on May 6, 2017.

1965 Ford Mustang (champagne & burgundy pearl/Black)

Price: US $22,500.00 SOLD OUT

California born & raised 1965 Mustang body and paint was done about 2 years ago by body shop owner.  He also rebuilt 302 out of 67 Mustang and installed Tremec T-5 trans. Engine has less than 500 miles, just broke in. Billet radiator with a lot of new engine components. Flowmaster exhaust and rebuilt ...

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1965 Ford Mustang (GRAY/WHISKEY)

Last update on April 28, 2017.

1965 Ford Mustang (GRAY/WHISKEY)

Price: US $57,000.00 SOLD OUT

New members with ZERO/LOW feedback must call me PRIOR making offers as I have to make sure you understand how this buying process works {very much like buying a house - you don't just throw out a number without specifics...}.  State clearly what kind of payment you are proposing. CASH {ei REAL MONEY ...

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1970 Ford Mustang (Light Ivy Yellow/Ginger)

Last update on April 9, 2017.

1970 Ford Mustang (Light Ivy Yellow/Ginger)

Price: US $77,500.00 SOLD OUT

1970 "R" code 428 CJ WHAT A HEAD TURNER THIS IS! Completely original car has been repainted, factory Light Ivy  Yellow.  This vehicle is 1 of 151 in the world according to the Deluxe Marti Report. 23,271 original miles guaranteed. According to the Deluxe Marti Report, the VIN # decodes as follows: Serial Number OT05R140271O ...

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1968 Ford Mustang (Green/Tan)

Last update on March 29, 2017.

1968 Ford Mustang (Green/Tan)

Price: US $33,500.00 SOLD OUT

This Mustang is in very good condition with hardly any rust on the frame and a small rustout on the front bottom of the right side door. There are also some scratches on the right side of the car. The right rear quarter panel had some damage that was expertly repaired, there are no waves ...

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1968 Ford Mustang (Gray/Black)

Last update on March 19, 2017.

1968 Ford Mustang (Gray/Black)

Price: US $44,500.00 SOLD OUT

Relisting due to guy didn't check off with his wife.   Awesome.  Sweet 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby Eleanor GT500E Recreation.   Not a rotisserie build but a very nicely done car.  Get in and go.  Small block engine idles nicely, no hesitation, turn signals brake lights headlights horn drum brakes automatic ...

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1966 Ford Mustang (Red/Black)

Last update on March 11, 2017.

1966 Ford Mustang (Red/Black)

Price: US $11,950.00 SOLD OUT

SB Ford 302 Crate Engine, 348 HP estimated, as per build sheet......................................................... $3,735.00 ·         Includes engine oil adapter, oil filter, 6 quarts of oil, engine break-in additive, oil priming.·         Bored 0.030-40” Over Stock·         9.5:1 Hypereutectic Pistons·         Molly Rings·         Balanced Rotating Assembly·         High Volume Oil Pump Heads ·         190cc Aluminum Heads·         ...

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1968 Ford Mustang (Red/Black)

Last update on March 9, 2017.

1968 Ford Mustang (Red/Black)

Price: US $7,500.00 SOLD OUT

Up for sale. 1968 mustang. Was bought as father son project in mind. Son wont get his ass off xbox and i am tired of fighting with him. 289 engine. Was told when i bought was origional engine size in car. Verified with vin. Havent been able to verify if origional engine or not but ...

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